Cynthia McCusker

Think Green

By respecting our environment we enhance the lives of everyone and everything. Below are links to some organizations doing powerful, positive things to move us forward in a new, environmentally conscious direction. Check out all the good work they are doing.

Creates useful products from “waste”. Check out their eco-friendly products or start up a “brigade” to collect wrappers, juice boxes, glue bottles, or other miscellaneous reusable materials to raise funds for your favorite school or non-profit organization while keeping renewable materials out of landfills!

Green America is a national nonprofit consumer organization, promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic justice.

Network to promote waste reduction and help save landscape from being taken over by landfills.

Materials market featuring pay as you wish crafting materials in St. Louis…an inspiration for us all. Why dump it when someone else can transform it into something entirely new? 

An electoral alternative to a two-party system. The party's first priority is value-based politics. Acts to improve the quality of our environment without the support of corporate donors. Please share what you learn from this site as I have yet to explore it thoroughly.

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